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    G                                                  D
    Come and climb the mountain, Up in Batanes
    D7                                               G
    Lilies on the hillsides, Orchids everywhere
                                        E7                    Am
    There rises Mount Iraya, Fair and calm and tall
                               G                 D7                      G
    Now Im sure that this is just, A place for you and me
    (1st Refrain)
                                               D7                                             G
                I dream of such a lovely view, Every time, Everywhere                                         D7                                              G
               Talk of other places, But Mount Iraya is my only love
    (2nd Refrain)
    C                                    G                   D                        G
    Try it someday, go there sometime There is always something new
    C                                   G                     D                        G
    Try it someday, go there sometime There is always something new

     Coco palms and sugarcane                       Wave their leaves all summer long
     Sandy shores and secret coves                 Lovers tell you why
     They love their velvet touch                        And leave with loving memories
     Now Im sure that this is just                     A place for you and me
    (1st & 2nd Refrain)
                C                                  G                      D                        G
    (Slow) Try it someday, go there sometime There is always something new...

This song is an original composition of the late Mr. Pepe G. Barsana who was our co-teacher in the Batanes High School. This has been sung as a favorite in many local programs in the islands. Joe and I collaborated in modifying and expanding the lyrics. However, both the theme and most of the melody has been retained.                                     Joe and Toray Barcelona/USA1990.

Frau Juliane Schmidt of Meldorf, Germany prepared the basic musical notes to the melody. Uwe Eschner, a professional guitar player, added the bass and second voice to the melody.                                                                                                    Dennis Barcelona/Germany 2005

Mt. Iraya is a dormant volcano on the main island of the Batanes Islands (Province of the Philippines) located between Taiwan in the north and Luzon in the south. To the east is the wide Pacific Ocean and to the west is the South China Sea.