Links to some Ivatan websites and some of their contents briefly quoted or commented on.

Victor's website is a treat. It is worth visiting this site if you like to know the latest in, about and around his town of Uyugan, in particular and Batanes, in general.

... Article on Ivatan language from WorldHistory.com encyclopedia. Visit WorldHistory.com for timelines,  articles, and other history resources for students, teachers, and anyone else who loves history, is curious about current events, or needs to ... TheIvatan language, also known as Ibatan, is an Austronesian language  spoken exclusively in the Batanes Islands in ...

.. aimed to  provide an online source of news and feature articles about Batanes and the Ivatan Community worldwide ... the issues and events affecting the Ivatan Community

The  Official Website of Batanes -- About UsAll about Ivatan Foundation for Development Communication, Inc.-- the Organization behind this website ...  is maintained and operated by the Ivatan Foundation for Development Communications, Incorporated, a non ... and concerns affecting the lives ofIvatan communities all over the world ..

A very interesting website, a visit is worth it and  recommended. Highlights are activities of Ivatans in the West Coast.

The official website of the Provincial Government of Batanes.

Noli hosts five photographers, who visited Batanes armed with cameras. Their photos can be seen at the PBase.com site.