Welcome to the Ivatan Directory.

This website is a reconstruction of a previous version published almost seven years ago.
That first version was shortlived and disappeared from the Internet soon after.
This is now a revival.
The listing of Ivatan names and addresses, including non-Ivatans (spouses, their children, et.al.) certainly need updating and new ones have to be included. If you know others still not included in the listing, please submit them for publication - provided implied or explicit permission has been obtained, .

There is also the tendency to ask, why this website does not offer more in terms of news from and about Batanes. Just visit the other links presented here and you’ll realize that there is no need for this site to do so. This site will concentrate on the maintenance of the Directory as its main menu.

This site also recommends its visitors to visit Nilo Gabilo’s and his friends’ pictures at PBASE.com. He was host to five other photographers, who came to Batanes and they had a heyday taking nice photos. Mr. Gabilo is presently working on his own homepage - soon we will savor more of his pictorial delicacy of our beautiful islands of Batanes.

Thank you for your visit and I would love to hear from you.
Positive criticisms and suggestions are very much welcome.

Until an automatic capability for names and address entry can be integrated into the website, please bear with me and use the old method - by emailing!

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